“Zohar Steel Ltd” company was founded in the beginning of 2006 by Mr. Zohar Yehezkel. Mr. Zohar Yehezkel has been in the welding industry since 1993 and has broad experience and reputation in this business in Israel. The uniqueness of the company is manufacturing the “Iskoorit”, corrugated sheets - Steel or Aluminum corrugated sheets (usually galvanized and painted) rolled in various trapezoidal shapes and a variety of colors, thicknesses and lengths - and the immediate delivery to the clients. Another service the company is well known of is structures and open-sided shelters building consulting. At our metal warehouse you can find stock of professional iron of all kind, profiles of all kind, metal sheets in all thicknesses and iron nets for pouring concrete of all kind. We carry out various welding projects (constructions, open-sided shelters, industrial and agricultural structures and concrete works). We operate according to ISO 9001 standard in full responsibility, to meet factory and clients’ demands and all that for our clients’ full satisfaction.

For our professional services, any help or information, feel free to contact us.


Zohar Steel Ltd.

Moshav Beit Ezra – House 102


Office: +972-8-8671701

Fax::    +972-8-8671702

Zohar: +972-54-7770283

Mail: zohar_pladot@walla.co.il














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